Campaign Consumer Promotion

Team Milkuat

Milkuat needs a persona that can relate to their brand identity and characteristic.

Instead of finding an ambassador, Sugar n’ Spice together with the brand team decided to create a character as the embodiment of Milkuat brand.

When used properly, characters could enhance the USP as well as giving the brand more popularity without patronizing.

Since we are talking about strength as the end result, we need to establish the look and have distinct attribute for the character that applicable and travel across platform.

Character who lead a perceived character of healthy and smart kids.

Character that can be the vehicle that clearly depicting product benefit whilst also have a sense of proximity in our target market life.

Milan have the fastest feet compared to other. He can run fast, helping him to be the best player in his soccer team. He love being the center of attention, but still humble to other people.
He is the embodiment of Tiger’s Speed

Being the only female from the tree, she’s the most agile and have a quick wit. She’s not shy to show her power to help others, and love to play in the area around the neighborhood.
She is the embodiment of Tiger’s Agility

Attar is strong, and proudly showing it around. He can lift many heavy object nobody his age are able to. He likes traveling to the hillside, breaking a sweat and excercising his body.
He is the embodiment of Tiger’s Strength

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