Betadine Feminine

The world is filled with misinformations, hoax, myths, even for important issue such as genital hygiene education, and in Indonesia, this topic is still considered taboo to be discussed openly.
Betadine Feminine stands with every woman, by revealing the truth about genital hygiene importance. Providing complete feminine care through its product variants for her in every situation.

Create Social Media Channel and Launch Social Media Campaign 

Creating the new @BetadineForHer IG Account to further generate awareness, educate and maintain relationships with the female audience of Betadine Feminine Care. The Launch was done in February 2023, tapping into Valentine’s day Moment. 

The UGC Launch  Activity

Inviting Female Audience to share their self love act, to further empower women to care for themselves and boost their self confidence through IloveMe activity. 

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